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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Track Review: Owen Pallett "A Man With No Ankles"

Taken from his forthcoming A Swedish Love Story EP, the man formerly known as Final Fantasy was kind enough to drop this jaunty little number on us on his birthday just over a week ago. Pallett recorded the four tracks for the EP in just a week - he suggests that it was a simplistic experiment to "cut himself a break"...

Luckily, the record is as layered and whimsical as we've come to expect from Pallett. It is a little more accessible, a little more pop, than anything else of his that I've encountered. The EP was recorded using "not much more than [his] violin, my Moog, a bass and a drum kit" and is a return to the sound that dominated his first record, Has A Good Home, according to the man himself.

It is a little bit closer to the sound of the two albums by Pallett's regular contributor Beirut. At just over four minutes, the song is quirky and upbeat from start to finish. It is buoyed by the glorious violins, exploding in a rather lively fashion intermittently between Pallett's vocal.

A wonderful little track - has me thinking that maybe I missed out on Pallett the first time. I'll be off to give him another listen shortly. Enjoy the video below...

Owen Pallett: A Man With No Ankles [A Swedish Love Story EP, 2010]
Owen Pallett: A Man With No Ankles 8.5/10.

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