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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Band: Cellar Door

One from my home town here - proud to plug these guys.

Cellar Door are (currently) a three piece post-punk/alternative band from Cobh, Co. Cork. Formed by four school friends, the band are currently on the hunt for a new bassist as they strive to get back to work. After a prolonged hiatus, they returned to gigging in August and sounded as good as ever.

The trio draw their influences from Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead and "a host of other stuff", according to their MySpace, while they also mention a far more obvious influence in New York's premier gloom merchants, Interpol. Cellar Door retain that gloomy, expansive, post-punk sound accompanied exceptionally by frontman Dave Barrett's baritone vox.

Openly cycnical and sarcastic in their lyrics, the band deal with feelings of darkness, pressure and a loss of control, though the songs disguise this anxiety well beneath powerful bass lines and guitar hooks.

Their debut EP is currently available directly from the band who can be contacted via their MySpace [http://www.myspace.com/cellardoorcobh] or Facebook [http://bit.ly/b6ItI6]

The standout track is certainly the sublime Pepper Pots. Buoyed by a really spectacular vocal and a roaring guitar solo, the track wouldn't sound out of place on a Snow Patrol, Editors or Doves record.

Well worth a look. Below are the aforementioned Pepper Pots and a cover of Beatles classic Come Together.

Cellar Door: Pepper Pots [Live, Date Unknown]

Cellar Door: Come Together (Beatles Cover) [Live, Date Unknown]

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