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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Music: Avi Buffalo

This wont be new to a lot of people (myself included in fact. I've been listening to AB since May...), though this group of adolescent Californian skater punks have managed to slip under the radar for a lot of people somehow.

Don't let that description put you off, by the way. While it may conjure up images of Blink-182 tribute acts, it couldn't be further from the reality. The quartet compose floating melodies in the same vein as the Shins (and James Mercer's subsequent work), while they also have a heavy debt to Wilco. Compared to other emerging acts such as Male Bonding, Wild Nothing and Here We Go Magic, Avi Buffalo released their self-titled debut in April of this year.

And let me tell you this much: it is an absolute wonder. A really gorgeous record, it blends the soft-rock tendencies of the Shins, the Stills, the Avett Brothers and more with the alt-country melodies perfected by Jeff Tweedy, Nels Cline, etc. Impeccably produced, the album is out now on Sub-Pop and is gradually cropping up in Irish record stores and I'd recommend getting your hands on it.

It is fuelled with an unmissable sexual energy - a refreshing open attitude. This filters throughout the ten tracks, the highlights of which include One Last (with it's stunning dual vocals), Remember Last Time (with a guitar solo that I genuinely thought was Wilco the first time I heard it on the radio), Truth Sets In and Summer Cum.

Check out the band at http://www.avibuffalomusic.com/ and download the track What's In It For? free and legally while you're there. I tried copying the embed and putting it up here but it doesn't seem to be working...

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