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Friday, August 6, 2010

Track Review: Grinderman "Heathen Child"

I am of the opinion that Nick Cave can do no wrong. A huge portion of my record collection consists of work that he has created himself, or graced with an appearance. As a result, new work from Grinderman was always going to catch my eye.

To anyone who missed the Australian garage-rock band's eponymous debut in 2007, it is a band propelled by the majesty of Nick finally taking to the guitar and working in tandem with the genius that is Warren Ellis. The two, supported by a handful of Bad Seeds, created such a raucous, raw noise that even the most ardent critic couldn't ignore it. More akin to Cave's earlier work with The Birthday Party than his tenure with the Bad Seeds, the pure power of the act left many astounded. Check out No Pussy Blues for an idea of what it's all about.

In recent weeks, the first track from the band's sophomore album (creatively entitled Grinderman II) hit the net. Heathen Child, as it is so called, continues the enthralling and simply sexy energy that captivated the masses the first time round. Roaring guitars, an almost preachy chorus... This is the blues at it's very finest.

Die-hard Bad Seeds fans have been left a little disappointed by the whole project. I have come across many claiming that it simply sounds like a "Bad Seeds parody" or "a joke". If Nick is willing to embrace the fun side of his creativity, then why can't you?

Grinderman II is out worldwide on September 13th on Mute, so expect it in Ireland on Friday 10th. It's unavoidable really.

You think your government will protect you? You were wrong!

Information available at http://www.grinderman.com/, accompanied by eerie, cryptic video. Of course.

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