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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Countdown: The Top Ten Independent Music Festivals in Ireland - Number 2

We reach number two today... The links to the previous entries are below:

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2. Astral Plains

Not one that many people have heard of, I have decided that Astral Plains is worthy of the number 2 spot - ahead of established festivals such as Sea Sessions, Castle Palooza, Cork X South West and more...

Where? Birr Castle, Co. Offaly. An idyllic location, there's something about gigs taking place under the towering spectator of a castle that makes them fantastic. I've seen gigs in the shadow of Scottish castles, while Slane is the most obvious one - a real mood setter. Location is key in terms of festivals, and Birr Castle is among the best I've seen.

When? June 26th - I have grown rather fond of the one day festival idea. Weather is a factor, tiredness too... You might be wrecked after one day, but at least you have the next to recover before returning to work. Makes me sound rather old fogyish, but give me a one day spectacle over a five day endurance test any day.

Why? Well aside from that above, the line-up is pretty spectacular. Paul Brady headlines, while you can also expect to see some of the very best Irish acts on show: chart topper Cathy Davey, one of the best live bands I've caught Delorentos, the rapidly growing FRED, the hotly tipped Rosey, O'Emperor, Fiach, Oliver Cole and Simon Fagan... and the obligatory many more.

More Information is available... Well... Therein lies the problem. Google "astral plains birr castle" and the first two hits are the link to buy tickets and an article on 2 U I Bestow... No official site. I kept searching and couldn't find one - this is the type of poor publicity that decimated many Irish festivals in their first year. Tickets are available at a paltry €42 via http://www.ticketgroup.ie/events/tickets_for_Astral_Plains_Music_Festival_in_Birr_Castle_Birr/155.

Please support this festival if you can... A fantastic line-up and such cheap tickets - it would be a shame to see it die before it even gets a chance.

Check back tomorrow for the number one independent festival in Ireland [according to me at least....]


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