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Friday, August 20, 2010

Electric Picnic: Why I'm So Excited

This post is simply going to serve as a prelude to this series of reasons as to why I'm so excited about the upcoming festivities in Stradbally. It is just two weeks away today and is looking to be absolutely spectacular...

Well first off the entries in this series are going to be a mix of bands I'm particularly looking forward too, as well as other attractions that have drawn me in. I hope you enjoy what I have to say about it. Hopefully I'll get two or three entries a day, though I am moving out on September 1st so that could disrupt the proceedings slightly... Better get a good run at it now so!

Reason #1: It's my very first Picnic.
I have been to Oxegen twice - loved the first, hated the second. Atmosphere, acts, etc. just simply aren't to my taste. Speaking to people who have been to both, EP seems to be much more of a fit for me, while the line-up certainly indicates that too.

Anyway keep checking back. The rest of the reasons will be far more in depth than number 1 there - it was simply to get the ball rolling. Please comment and let me know why you're excited, or perhaps why you aren't! Always love the discussion.

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