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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Electric Picnic Preview: Sunday

And here we are at part three already...

Check out part 1 (Friday) @ http://bullblacknova.blogspot.com/2010/08/electric-picnic-preview-friday.html , and part 2 (Saturday) @ http://bit.ly/cBXGvZ.

Okay then...

Do Not Miss:

The National. In my opinion, the finest working band on the planet (but that's a whole other argument...) The National are on the back of three stunning albums and look to be going from strength to strength. They were picked out by Zane Lowe as the best band to play Glastonbury this year, while their anthems are perfect for a festival closer. It's gonna be very special. Worth the €240 alone if you listen to me...

Mumford & Sons. A curious one this, I'm not actually a big fan of Mumford & Sons. I like what they do, but it all seems a little too polished for my liking. Londoners attempting to sound like they're from Cornwall I think... But that said, they have a great live reputation. Attracted a massive crowd at Oxegen (Eminem, Julian Casablancas and the Prodigy all performed at the same time) and, according to many there, they were the best band to hit the festival. The atmosphere when they take to the stage is going to be electric. Finish with a bang!

Bonobo. And another curious one here. Not an act I have listened to a lot, Bonobo is a bit of a mystery. My brother swears that he's a genius and anywhere I look on the net, the feeling seems to be the same. The ambient, experimental sounds that epitomise his sound (as far as my exploration has shown anyway!) seem like the perfect backdrop for the Picnic.

Also Worth A Look:

The Low Anthem. Yet another band to breakout last year, their debut is a fabulous myriad of Bon Iver-style folk songs and rip-roaring blues. It's hard to believe that they only have one vocalist... Another act whose live reputation precedes them.

Wolf Parade. The Canadians are on form - Expo 86 is a fantastic record. They shot to fame alongside Stars, Arcade Fire and a number of other Canadians, and while they may not have reached the dazzling heights of Arcade Fire, the work has remained consistently brilliant - something that cannot be said for Stars, who are also playing over the weekend.

The Tallest Man on Earth. Accompanied by a magnificent Dylan-esque rasp, the Swede folk troubadour released one of my favourite records of the early part of the year. I have a feeling that this could be one of the sleeper hits of the weekend. The one that everyone will be saying "ah you should've been there..."

The Irish Act(s) You Shouldn't Miss:

Fight Like Apes. I have yet to hear their second album in it's entirety, though I bought the first one entirely on the back of a live show I caught a few years back. These guys are constantly referred to as one of Ireland's best live acts.

James Vincent McMorrow. James released one of the year's best records and is surely set to explode at some point. I caught him at Oxegen and thought the performance was great - a shaky start evolved into a really strong showing. He's on early on Sunday (12:30 or 1 he thinks) - give me a better way to solve that hangover you got from raving all night in the woods after LCD Soundsystem?

Well there you have it. My tips for the weekend.

I hope you enjoy it. I'm set for my first ever Picnic so it should be an interesting one at the very least! Hopefully I'll see you there. I've a busy few days ahead of me so check back next Monday & Tuesday for my reviews, thoughts, etc. or follow me on twitter (@bbnovablog) as I'm hoping to post a little from the site over the weekend - battery permitting of course!!

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