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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Music: Robin Pecknold Releases Three Tracks

Not content with preparing the new Fleet Foxes LP, Robin Pecknold has released three new tracks including a fantastic collaboration with Grizzly Bear man Ed Droste.

Pecknold was clear in emphasising that these were not tracks from the upcoming Fleet Foxes LP, from which only one song has yet been released.

The duet, 'I'm Losing Myself' is a really beautiful track. As one would expect from two masters of harmony, the song is layered in the complementary vocals of the two. Very similar to the most mellow moments from Fleet Foxes' debut, the track is simple, stripped and haunting.

'Derwenwater Stones', in the words of Pecknold himself, is "just a new solo jam." It's a more jaunty track, the guitar twang adding some life to it. Pecknold's vocal sounds very similar to Jim James of My Morning Jacket on here - the two have borne similarities in the past, but much more so now. The track tears at a rapid pace until shortly before the three minute mark, when it stops and rebuilds slowly before suddenly ending once again.

The final track is a cover of 'Where Is My Wild Rose' by New Zealand troubadour Chris Thompson. Had Pecknold not spelt this out beforehand, it would have been very easy to mistake it for a Fleet Foxes, such as the references to "misty mountains" and different cities, notably Dublin and Londonderry.

Pecknold cited the Irish influence on the new Fleet Foxes album, landscape in particular forming a very real aspect of the work.

The band are also playing in Cork as part of Live at the Marquee 2011, as well as a slot in Belfast. These three tracks are available to download for free via http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MNB143XT, while I also recommend following Robin on Twitter. He's always good for a surprise here and there.

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