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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Electric Picnic & Oxegen 2011: Line-Up Announcement

Not that I need to reprint them here - anyone who doesn't live under a rock has seen one or other of the line-ups for the big two of Ireland's festival circuit.

A few surprises, in particular on the Oxegen bill - Bright Eyes, Eels, Jenny & Johnny and (sickener here) the National are all typical Electric Picnic bands, the National and Eels both having played in Stradbally in 2010. However, Punchestown will play host to the duo this year - and expect the likes of WarPaint, James Blake and Avi Buffalo all to confirm for Oxegen before the event too. They should all take places alongside the likes of Coldplay, the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and the Foo Fighters in what is, in fairness, the best Oxegen line-up in a while.

The Picnic has a great batch though: Pulp, Flying Lotus, the Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow and, of course, Arcade Fire are fantastic acquisitions, while I'm more than a little excited about Beirut, PJ Harvey, Lykke Li and Midlake too. Plenty more to come.

Kudos to the Picnic too for keeping an Irish edge to the festival - while Oxegen musters up its usual Script slot (second on the bill for Friday night behind the Black Eyed Peas), the Picnic has snapped up the Cast of Cheers, Adebisi Shank (and their mind-blowing live show), CODES, RSAG (who was responsible for the best Irish album of last year in my opinion) and more for the event. Very impressive to say the least.

Tickets are available now at the usual vomit inducing prices from Ticketmaster (approx. €250)


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