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Monday, January 24, 2011

Market Force: "Becoming A Jackal" [Villagers Cover]

I could probably have called this post "Quomp Love #2" having already posted about Cloud Castle Lake's fantastic Kanye West cover...

If you haven't heard, Quompilation is a collection of 13 tracks from 2010 covered by Irish acts. As mentioned, Cloud Castle Lake take on Kanye West, while we also get some great stuff from Patrick Kelleher, Ginola, Spies, We Are Losers and more. It all comes courtesy of the Quarter Inch Collective and will be launched on January 27th, available for €5 thereafter.

Today, my mind was left in some sort of numbed state by the wonder of Market Force's cover of the title track from Villagers' debut album. While the original is acoustic singer-songwriter by numbers (and I mean that in all the best ways - the track wears its heart on its sleeve and is all the better for it!), the cover is minimalistic, haunted and trippy.

Stunning. The disparity between this and the original is so vast that you'd swear it was a totally different track: think "Heartbeats". Jose Gonzales and the Knife - the versions are so different, and yet both so good.

Check out the full compilation below. Market Force is track 11.

Quompilation #1 by Quarter Inch Collective

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