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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Favourite Irish Abums of 2010 (Part 1, 40-21)

And so we finally reach the end of the road. Unfortunately, this blog post wont be quite as detailed as I had desired but my laptop has done the decent thing and decided to die every time I go near YouTube so you'll have to use your imaginations and pretend you can hear the bands that I'm talking about...

Anyways, it goes without saying that Ireland experienced a bumper year in 2010. Take yourself over to the ever fantastic Swear I'm Not Paul and check out his feature on every single Irish release this year (he means it - Nadine Coyle, Boyzone and Jedward get the same amount of space as Adebisi Shank, Somadrone, Villagers et al) and try get to grips with the sheer scale of the amount of releases. I had originally planned this post for about two weeks ago and have spent the period since listening to more and more music. I think it's for the best that I post now. It's either that or sometime next June I'll be posting my top 200 Irish releases of 2010. For now, the list is limited to forty or so.
*Actually, I've decided to be a bit of a tease... Here's numbers 40-21. The rest will make its way here later in the week!*

(Here's the link to Ronan's feature: http://www.swearimnotpaul.com/release-date-calendar/2010-irish-album-release-list I'd recommend using Chrome if possible, because the browser crashes are unimaginable when its all on the one page!)

Let's begin...
40. The Cast of Cheers Chariot (Self Release)
39. Sounds of System Breakdown Sounds of System Breakdown (Self Release)
38. Our Little Secrets Our Little Secrets (Self Release)
37. Peter Doran Sleepless Street (Self Release)
36. Nouveaunoise Paraphrase Accolade (Self Release)
35. Sweet Jane Sugar For My Soul (Reekus Records)
34. The Mighty Stef The Mighty Stef and the Baptists (Own Label)
33. Meljoann Squick (Own Label)
32. The Dinah Band I Can Walk Through (Transduction Records)
31. Butterfly Explosion Lost Trails (Revive Records)
30. Boa Morte The Dial Waltz (Kicking a Can Records)
29. At Last An Atlas From Which You Were Raised (Slow Loris)
28. Adebisi Shank This Is The Second Album From A Band Called Adebisi Shank (Richter Collective)
27. Two Door Cinema Club Tourist History (Kitsune)
26. Halves It Goes, It Goes (Forever and Ever) (Hate is the Enemy)
25. Tiger Cooke Fingertips of the Silversmith (Self Released)
24. Evil Uncle Two Lights, Not Broken (Self Released)
23. Oliver Cole We Albatri (EMI)
22. Cap Pas Cap Haunted Light (Skinny Wolves)
21. Bill Coleman You Can't Buy Back Your Life (BCMR)
Check back for part 2 pretty soon and, hopefully, I'll be able to put together a nice Playlist for all y'all!

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