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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Very Good Songs From Some Not So Good Albums. Of 2010.

In no real order at all, this is a collection of some very good songs that cropped up on some albums that were either:

a) Not so good...
b) Not actually checked out by me...
c) Not yet released

Sound fair?

Tanlines Real Life
The drum rhythm alone makes this song unforgettable. This comes from an album I never got round to checking out. I caught the song early in the year before the album was released and, well... Just forgot. Whoops. Either way, Real Life remains one of the better tracks I've heard this year.

Coco Rosie Lemonade
This is a track that is as enchanting and quirky as they come, much like girls themselves actually. The rest of the album is a tad tiresome and overblown. You shouldn't have to try to like music. This track is a really gorgeous one though.

Women Eyesore
This one comes from an album that (not for lack of trying!) I simply couldn't find anywhere. I'm still very excited to check it out though on the back of this - a post-punky edge gives way to an almost Beach Boys style verse and chorus. Jesus & Mary Chain, Radiohead, the Pixies... It's ALL here. Sorry about the video though. Couldn't find an official one or a decent live performance.

The New Pornographers Crash Years
These guys never really did it for me, but this song is absolute genius. It's the perfect blend for an indie-pop classic - uplifting chorus, simple guitar/drums/lyrics and whistling... What more could you ask for? Oh, maybe a wonderful female vocal - check.

Jonsi Go Do
Another that I simply could not find for lack of trying (then I did find it, and it €30 - why HMV!?) but this song, in particular, is simply spellbinding. To quote one of the many YouTube comments that adorn the clip "this song is like hope." Jonsi has an incredible talent for create the most inspirational and cinematic music imaginable, yet it is so intimate and accessible. Stunning.

Gayngs The Gaudy Side of Town
Yet another album that HMV don't want me to have it seems, Gayngs emerged this year as the unlikely Prince infused collaboration from the American Mid-West that has spent the last few years forcing the folk revival on us. This track features none other than Justin Vernon (who really branched out this year...) and epitomises exactly what Gayngs set out to do this year: create alternative, soulful, funky sounds, that feature heavily on the sex and drugs side of thing.

Efterklang Modern Drift
This track is another one like Jonsi, inspirational, hopeful and beautiful... The piano makes may from drum beats and leads into an orchestral driven number, fronted with a perfectly unspectacular vocal. It allows the backing music to weave its magic. A really gorgeous track from the Danish outfit, it has me convinced I need to check out more.

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