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Monday, November 8, 2010

Cover Me Monday: Cee-Lo Green "Radioactive"

Yet another gem from the Live Lounge series on BBC - this is Cee-Lo Green taking on Kings of Leon's Radioactive. Unlike the rest of the new album from KOL, I actually quite liked the single. It's not too adventurous for them, but at least it doesn't sound like Aerosmith or Garth Brooks...

Cee-Lo, on the other hand, is flying at the moment. His new album The Lady Killer is due for release next week (is it next week?) and is absolutely fantastic. Check out his spellbinding cover of Band of Horses' No One's Gonna Love You if you get the chance. One of the best covers I have ever heard. And a perfect video too.

Anyway, below is Cee-Lo taking on Radioactive. I like it, even if it is a little flat in parts. Now if only we could get them to reshoot the original video to have him in place of Caleb...

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