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Sunday, September 26, 2010

HWCH Preview: The Lost Brothers

I know I'm a little ahead of myself here, but it's hard to ignore the fantastic Hard Working Class Heroes event that takes place in Dublin year after year. Not in the know? Then take yourself over here: http://www.hwch.net/index.html

HWCH (as the die-hard fans like to call it) essentially boils down to a showcase for Irish bands. With 100 bands playing in seven venues across Dublin over the course of October 7th to 9th. It's an unmissable opportunity to get up close and personal with many of the best in Irish music at the moment, while the potential undiscovered wonders that lie in wait... Well...

And it is those wonders that I aim to plug a little over the next few weeks. Granted, there are dozens of bands playing that I have missed that you would be mad to miss, though the best I can do is push you toward some that I have found and rather enjoy. The first of these is Omagh/Navan duo the Lost Brothers.

Their bio on HWCH reads as follows:

Some say the lost brothers sound like a ragged everly brothers.
Others say they sound like the lost brothers.
It is said that the lost brothers formed two years ago in the summer heat of liverpool.
It is also said that the lost brothers wrote a book of songs that autumn, and in the dead of winter they recorded the songs in an attic in Portland, Oregon.
We know that the lost brothers released these songs on their debut album (trails of the lonely) to a heap of praise from the likes of NME, Word magazine, Hot Press, and their fans (losties).
Through the following year, the lost brothers have been spotted in person, performing at Glastonbury, Electric Picnic, Texas (SXSW), New York, Portland, Toronto, Paris, and a hop, skip and jump across the land of the UK and the their beloved Ireland. In their journeys they have toured and played along with many, including Richard Hawley, M Ward, Jolie Holland, The Handsome Family, The Swell Season,Micah P Hinson, Richmond Fontaine, among others.
It is whispered that the lost brothers are currently hiding in sheffield, recording a number of songs under watchful eyes and a new album will be upon us soon..

And it is pretty accurate. Think along the lines of a subtle, subdued folk vibe. Less rock than Midlake, less harmonic than Fleet Foxes, yet so intimate and encapsulating that you won't want to miss a beat.

Inspired in equal parts by musicians such as Blind Willie McTell and literary figures such as Steinbeck and Patrick Kavanagh, their sound is a rich and enthralling tapestry.

Do what you can to catch them soon. The current climate for emerging folk acts is ripe to pluck them from us and send them off touring bigger venues to bigger crowds... Take the chance now to see them with a tiny crowd in a setting so intimate that you can demand requests from the bathroom.

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