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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cover Me Monday: Solange Knowles "Stillness Is the Move"

Er... Yes I know it's Sunday...

BUT! I missed last week's Cover Me Monday, and am likely to miss tomorrow's too. I am currently relocating to college accommodation and haven't got my broadband functioning just yet so bare with me. Soon enough I'll be back to my blogging best!

Solange Knowles: Stillness Is The Move (Dirty Projectors' Cover)
This is one that should work in absolutely no way. We're talking Beyonce's sister here... Though if experience has taught me anything, it is that tracks involving the Knowles' tend to work exceptionally well in cover versions (see last week when Jamie T knocked If I Were A Boy outta the park...)

Anyway, on this track Solange does very little to alter the Dirty Projectors original. Her voice adds a little more of an r 'n' b vibe to what was a very unique sounding track, though I'm including it here purely on the basis that I can't believe just how good it is... Refreshing to see the girl go a different direction to her sister, when following Beyonce down the pop/r'n'b route would have practically guaranteed success.

Solange Knowles: Stillness Is The Move (Dirty Projectors' Cover)

Dirty Projectors: Stillness Is The Move

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