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Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Music: Lower Dens

Here's one I stumbled across by accident in all honesty. I was downloading from a huge list of "what I love this week" on some blog and clicked this instead of the song I actually wanted. Some mistakes do work out though don't they?

Lower Dens are from Baltimore (as are Animal Collective let's not forget, just that AC went to the centre of cool that is Brooklyn) and are centred around the nucleus that is Jana Hunter. Hunter's vocal hops from soaring to spoken word to minimalistic in split seconds.

The few tracks I have heard from the band all sound pretty different, sampling post-punk, the current dream-pop phase and lo-fi, experimental folk sounds. It's all very enjoyable to say the least.

The band's Last.fm biography does a pretty solid job of selling the band, despite it's faults. (the whole thing uses the word "swarming" more than once....) I have pasted it below for your reading pleasure. For your audio pleasure, check out the link printed at the bottom of the page. Fans of the likes of Toro Y Moi, Beach House, Lykke Li and even the Jesus & Mary Chain could find something to like about this.


The swarming wave-throb, coupled with Hunter’s lyrics and redolent, charred voice, wrecks.
The band’s upcoming record, Twin-Hand Movement, is eleven perfect songs long. From opener “Blue & Silver” (anxiety mounts at a quick clip until the final climactic release) to “Plastic & Powder” (a churning, narcotic slow-burner) to “Hospice Gates” (penultimate album cut, proud weirdo anthem, possible creative zenith), not one is a space-taker. They’re rife with the survivalist paranoia you’d expect from residents of a post-urban port hole (and this particular songwriter), crafted methodically and beautifully, and carry you enthusiastically out into the rolling breaks of industrial filth-water.

http://http://bit.ly/ba8hpr [Unofficial Video for "Hospice Gates"]

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