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Monday, August 16, 2010

Electric Picnic: The Salty Dog Saloon

With just a little over two weeks to go before it all kicks off in Stradbally, the finer details are gradually coming to light. Today it was the turn of the legendary Salty Dog Saloon, a sea-beaten shipwreck landed deep in the woods of Stradbally.

The following is the description of the Saloon from the EP website:

The Salty Dog, a sea-beaten shipwreck marooned in the woods at Stradbally Hall, casts an idle eye in the direction of anyone interested in a late-night after-gig party at the Picnic.

Loyal to the last, lowering the tone and welcoming the infirm, the insomniacs, those to whom a compass is no use… aye, The Salty Dog is the crude, regretted, smudged tattoo on the cufflinked-shirted arm of the Picnic… And ready for an arm wrestle with the leggiest girl in the woods.

Rum-fuelled sea shanty collectives, rasping folksters and big-top emcees, caribbean wastrels, and gravelly maritime pranksters find their home here… the infamous Salty Dog Saloon stage emerges out of the fallen masts and rigging when the sun dips below the yard arm.
For those who sleep in hammocks with one eye open, come home my sons and daughters, come to the mothership.

The acts confirmed to play include the likes of Seasick Steve, the Mighty Stef, Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club, Funzo, Tupelo and Los Langeros.

I'm sure I'm not the only that is salivating at the prospect of the Mighty Stef or Seasick Steve singing sea shanties from a wrecked pirate ship in the midst of the Stradbally woods...

Tickets are still on sale - hurry up!!

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