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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Live Review: Vampire Weekend @ Oxegen 2010

When & Where? Main Stage on Friday 9th July @ 17:35.

The ultimate summer band Vampire Weekend followed Ohio's finest the Black Keys onto the Main Stage. The pit was packed, while there was a huge following in the main arena too. With the rain getting heavier as the songs passed by, Erza Koenig and co. had to be on flying form to keep the spirits of the crowd up - a feat they achieved perfectly.

Hit after hit were churned out, highlights including Holiday, White Sky, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, Oxford Comma and A-Punk. The last two in particular sent the crowd wild. Frontman Koenig was in a great spirits, laughing and joking with the crowd in between each song. Apologising for the rain, he kept reminding the crowd that the summer didn't have to be dry, it simply had to be fun. And if there's any band that epitomise this feeling, it's Vampire Weekend.

A genuine highlight for the two days I was at Oxegen this year, the band outshone their fantastic 2008 performance. The songs sound better than ever and the guys themselves are more confident than they were on the back of the self-titled debut. I recommend checking them out, while the huge crowd who stood in the rain to watch them do their thing were completely agree.

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