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Monday, July 12, 2010

Live Review: Two Door Cinema Club, Biffy Clyro & Ellie Goulding @ Oxegen 2010

These three will be compressed into one review as I didn't catch even close to a full set for any of them.

Two Door Cinema Club.
Where? Main Stage on Saturday 10th July @ 15:15
Playing to hoards of confused John Mayer and Biffy Clyro fans, Two Door Cinema Club rose to the occasion superbly. I caught the latter half of their set and was delighted with how the crowd was reacting to the trio, while the band themselves seem to be growing in confidence as they threw out hit after hit. Finishing with the fantastic I Can Talk, the band left an absolutely drenched crowd calling for more, and will surely play to a much larger number the next time they are in town. Get a second album under your belts lads and you could really be higher up the bill for Oxegen 2011 or 2012.

Biffy Clyro.
Where? Main Stage on Saturday 10th July @ 16:35
Despite the confusion over their time slot (John Mayer pulled out and Biffy were pushed up into his slot, though the official timetables sold on site did not incorporate this change) Biffy attracted a huge number of people. The Scot rockers are not exactly my cup of tea (It's a Bon Jovi situation - I get all of their songs confused with other ones!) though the crowd certainly looked to be enjoying themselves. I caught the last three songs and the one thing that hit me was how the sound was quite distorted - almost certainly a fault caused by the high winds, it was also a factor in Florence & The Machine's set after, though a full review of that will be posted later. Closing number, The Captain, prompted a huge singalong and left many appeased, though several friends of mine who sat through the whole thing claimed them to be one of the lowest points of the day - behind Kasabian, Dizzee Rascal, Florence and Two Door Cinema Club.

Ellie Goulding.
Where? Heineken Green Spheres on Saturday 10th July @ 17:35.
The scheduling of this one was a real head scratcher for me. Ellie was put opposite Florence & the Machine (Flo & co. starting at 18:00) - something that was certainly reflected in the crowd size. I caught the first twenty minutes or so of the set only the witness a massive walk-out as the crowd realised another (and probably better) female artist was about to take to stage. Not to be overly cruel to Ms. Goulding either, but the set simply lacked any appeal whatsoever. There was no energy and she simply looked like she wanted to be anywhere else than the stage. Anyone who caught her at Glastonbury will tell you how terrified she looked - nerves I can accept, a lack of interest on the other hand... The worst performer I saw at the festival.

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