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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Live Review: The Coral, O Emperor @ Oxegen 2010

While Stereophonics were "rocking" (I think "polluting" is more apt) the Main Stage, Liverpudlian's The Coral and rising Waterford band O Emperor were playing to rather large crowds on the Heineken Green Spheres and 2FM/Hot Press Academy respectively.

The Coral.

When & Where? Heineken Green Spheres on Friday 9th July @ 18:40.

The Scousers were in town to show their new album Butterfly House, released on the day of the performance in this country. Typically, the performance was defined by this. While several of the new tracks were quite good, the audience were crying out for the likes of Dreaming of You, Pass It On and Bill Macai. I left the tent about half way through the show so I'd imagine that these all came later on, though the highlight of the first half was Jacqueline. A huge singalong erupted with the opening lyrics, the crowd not missing a note.

O Emperor.

When & Where? 2FM/Hot Press Academy on Friday 9th July @ 19:00.

The Waterford/Cork mongrel are among the hottest tips for the "next big thing" in this country. Their Midlake-style guitar work (according to Hot Press anyway...) attracted a rather large crowd, though I'm sure the torrential rain outside certainly helped. They put on a very good show, the highlights including Po and the tracks from the Reverie EP.

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