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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who Should Replace U2 At Glastonbury?

Not that it matters too much to me - I'm really just doing everything I can to get out of studying, but with Bono out of action until mid-July, U2 have been forced to pull their American tour and their headline Glasto slot. [Point to note: I actually mentioned this on my twitter a full hour before state.ie, nialler9 and nme... Hmm... Maybe I'm better at this musical lark than I thought!]

My suggestions...
  • Coldplay. Well actually they aren't my suggestion, they are just the friggin' obvious choice. Chris Martin and Michael Eavis are friends and they are expected to play at Glasto 2011 anyway, so why not just bring them in? I suppose they could be recording, while they may also be missing a member at the moment with Guy Berryman currently doing the business for Apparatjik.
  • Dizzee Rascal. The incredibly bland Dizzee is a huge favourite in his homeland, so much so that he is number two on the bill for Glasto to on the Friday night already. Just bump him up a little?
  • The Flaming Lips. An absolutely thrilling live experience, they are headlining the Other Stage on the Friday and, as a result, are a pretty possible mover. It might help that they are a hell of a sight more entertaining than U2 anyway.

Looking through the rest of the festival, I see a huge lack in real headline acts [aside from Stevie Wonder and Muse] Other stage headliners include Ash, the Pet Shop Boys, Jamie T, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, The XX, Midlake and Empire of the Sun... Good acts, but stage headliners? At Glastonbury?

The National are floating around somewhere over the course of the weekend. Now while they may not yet be of the festival/anthem status, they certainly sound like an act who could fit this bill if given the opportunity. Aside from that, Orbital play on the Sunday and may also be a decent shout.

If Eavis wants to look further afield, who could he get? Give Thom Yorke a call? Bruce Springsteen perhaps? Robert Plant has already said no [was he even asked or did he just assume??], while the Who weren't exactly up to scratch at the Super Bowl so it might be best to give them a miss.

Over the next month in this country, we have gigs from Snow Patrol, Green Day and Paul McCartney - all of whom could fit the bill, while Bob Dylan will be in town shortly after.

And if ALL of those turn you down Mr. Eavis, well why not check the bill of the Shamrock festival, with all the best in tribute acts.

If I was a betting man? Coldplay. If I was in charge? Well U2 wouldn't have been hired in the first place so we wouldn't have this problem...

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