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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Track of the Week - The Black Keys "Tighten Up"

I've settled on "track of the week" as the name of this feature. "Single" was going to be accurate. Also it's not necessarily a new song I've heard in the last seven days, but one that grabbed my attention. I'll try keep it the obscure and recent stuff anyway.

This week it's one of the first two tracks to be released from Brothers, the new album by the ever magnificent Black Keys. Messrs Auerbach and Carney have outdone themselves with this one. While it retains the bluesy quality that adorns all of their stuff, it has a unique quality - the result of a fantastic guitar sound. It is heavily affected by pedals and it completely changes the sound of the track. Even the very beginning of the song sounds totally different - it opens with a drum beat that sounds like Are You Gonna Be my Girl by Jet, before bringing in a whistling sound. Yeah that's right. Whistling. On the Black Keys' new album.

It is fantastic stuff. Check out the simply hilarious fan-made video below, featuring the ever entertaining Funkasaurus Rex, Frank, dancing and singing. Classic.

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