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Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Singles from Arcade Fire AND Panda Bear Coming Soon!

Fantastic news flooding the Internet in the last few days.

First, Arcade Fire's official site became the centre of attention when they briefly uploaded a cryptic message reading "Arcade Fire presents The Suburbs", only for it to disappear almost as quick.

Luckily for us, the band have now uploaded a postcard addressed to "The Internet".

It reads as follows...

"Howdy yall -
Just finishing up pressing our new 12". Should be in stores in the next couple of weeks. God willing. Good luck with the finals. See you this summer! AF"

Looks good to me. A little investigating [... a quick search on Amazon...] says that a new split single The Suburbs/Month of May is due for release on June 1st, though the band have denied that this is the case. Either way, in the coming weeks we should have our hands on the first new work from Arcade Fire since the glorious Lenin on last year's Dark Was The Night compilation.


Panda Bear [to the handfull of people now saying "Eh.. Huh?" he is the brains behind the magnificent Animal Collective and has already released a spectacular solo album in 2007, Person Pitch] is returning with a solo album this September. Well the month may change, but we've been told September for some time now so it's looking good. It's gonna be called Tomboy. July 13th will see the release of the first of several limited edition 7" singles that will precede the full length LP. It's called Tomboy b/w Slow Motion and is released on Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label.

Should be good. And here was me thinking that May was the peak of the musical calender this year...

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