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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon...

I sure do hope the Kinks don't mind me editing their song-title a bit for the title of this post...

Just a short one today. My blogging hasn't been too frequent the last week or so - that's the curse of running this thing around work and college. When exams and extra shifts are thrown my way, something must suffer.

So having worked until eleven o'clock last night and then getting up at six this morning for another shift, I'm a little on the tired side and have spent my day jumping between music. Typically, this is the part where'd I'd rave about the new band I'm listening to but alas it is not so! I'm having trouble finding a new act to talk about and have ended up spending the last two days listening to a rather older act. Not much needs to be said about them either - I'd bet you've heard of them.

Magnificent. Sounds as fresh and innovative as ever...

*Btw: I'm also using this as a tester for my new video down/uploading technology so fingers crossed I'll be able to return to posting vids instead of just links!

Finally, I know I already made a post about the legend that is Mr. G. Ryan, though I feel it necessary to once more express my sentiments. The man was a real institution - redefining Irish broadcasting. I did not always agree with him - in fact I often found myself quite riled up listening to his show, though the prospect of switching over was never even considered. He will be sorely missed by all - both those who knew him, and those who really felt he was a part of their life.

RIP Gerry. We'll miss you.

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