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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Magic Magic

I first stumbled across these guys after a stunning review in the Sunday Times. Their debut release was given 5 out of 5, a rarity for established acts in the Times, let alone a complete unknown quantity such as Magic Magic! I fully expected the hype to grow and grow, though this has not happened!

The band have impressed year after year at SXSW in Austin, and it seems as though everyone who is lucky enough to have encountered them is totally hooked.

Though rare, I have found a number of reviews scattered across the blogosphere for the bands debut album (available via RoughTrade!), each oozing over the creativity and amazing maturity for such an inexperienced band. I have found myself in disagreement with much of what was written, however. All too often the comparison has been drawn with Arcade Fire and Radiohead, and while I see slight resemblances, I can't help but feel that the band often veers into territory more associated with Wilco, the Kinks or My Morning Jacket.

The swooning vocals of "Over Your Heart", the highlight of the debut, sounds similar to other releases from around the same period such as the Shins, Band of Horses or even Broken Social Scene, though the jangly guitar of "Squid Hunt" (a more recent song that is not included on the nine track debut) and "Bat People" hark towards influences from afar - think Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame. Often I found myself thinking of the Maccabees.

The NME, at the time of the album's release, dismissed the "lazy Arcade Fire comparisons", suggesting that the band resembled the Concretes. Boasting two drummers, this is an album that shows tremendous versatility. Perhaps the most evident clue of this dynamic nature is the fact that bloggers, journalists and fans have found it so difficult to pinpoint a major influence.

Check the band out at MySpace for more information: http://www.myspace.com/magicmagicband

The page also contains links to Rough Trade and InSound, from where you can buy the album, as well as a player filled with gorgeous songs, including the one below. It is a rare privilege to discover a band such as Magic Magic. To quote the glowing NME review of their debut - "Don't believe the lack of hype."

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