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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MGMT Release Album Details

Continuing with the trend of information on new albums, MGMT have released the details of their new record. We've been fed tit-bits all along from these guys and have been promised no singles and, by the sounds of it, a pretty crazy psychedelic surfer record. I must say I cant wait! I enjoyed the debut, more so for the songs that weren't released. Now I'm not gonna claim that I hate "Kids" or "Time To Pretend" because they were popular, I did like them a lot! I just preferred the likes of "Of Moons, Birds and Monsters" and "The Youth". An energy packed, half-hour set was my highlight of the 2008 Oxegen festival. The riff to "Kids" echoed around the campsite for hours after, people not willing to let this magic go! [The set was unfortunately cut short when a woman climbed to the top of tent via the support stacks and refused to come down... Cue: The rather angry fans pelting her with glasses and plastic bottles...]

Anyway back to the news in hand! The album, called "Congratulations" will hit stores on April 13th, and the track listing is as follows:
01 It's Working
02 Song for Dan Treacy
03 Someone's Missing
04 Flash Delirium
05 I Found a Whistle
06 Siberian Breaks
07 Brian Eno
08 Lady Dada's Nightmare
09 Congratulations

I have a funny feeling that their guest slot on the last Flaming Lips record has influenced this album quite a bit. It may just be "Embryonic, Mk.2". Though as I've yet to hear a single song off it, this may be a little unfair!

Roll on April so I can make my mind up!!

Try to navigate the rather eccentric MGMT website for more info. Or just for the experience of it...

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