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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Delorentos in Cyprus Avenue

I was lucky enough to catch about half of Delorentos' set in Cyprus Avenue last night. The lads were playing as part of UCC Raise & Give Week (Thats RAG Week to you and me!)

They gave their usual poppy, energy filled set as far as I could see anyway! The setting seemed perfect for them too. Any mid-level Irish band I've seen in Cyprus (The Coronas in particular!) seem to thrive in the venue. Well worth checking out almost everyone that plays here!

Wild Beasts and Villagers are playing at the end of March... I'm fairly eager to get to this! New Young Pony Club also make an appearence about two weeks before. Both are must see gigs for anyone in Cork!

Anyway as for Delorentos, an enjoyable gig. Wouldn't mind catching a full set from them at some stage. "Stop" was the highlight for me (think one part "No Cars Go" by Arcade Fire and two parts Franz Ferdinand and you're in the right territory!), though "S.E.C.R.E.T." was great too.

Next up (hopefully) for me is Fionn Regan in Cork School of Music...

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